Ever wondered why your video was pulled from YouTube? Holbrooks and Google are here to explain why. 

Directed by Holbrooks

Produced at BLACKLIST

Design: Tom Brown & Daniel Gray, Maya Edelman

Animation: Maya Edelman

Music: Joe Paine 

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Holbrooks for RDIO & Icona Pop. 

Holbrooks created this latest Rdio video for Icona Pop’s hot new single “Then we kiss”. A modern romance in 15 seconds. 

This track is saccharine sweetLike most of Icona Pop’s music, it is energetic but also romantic…in a kind of caffeinated, high gear way. We were looking for a way to underscore the aspect of romance and attraction. Our jumping off point was the culture of online dating that has become so prevalent. Because the track is so quick and bubbly, we wanted it to feel almost like a session of speed dating that ends in a real love connection. The idea of new love born out of online encounters seemed to fit perfectly with the song and also gave us the opportunity to offer a bit of commentary regarding the state of relationships in an increasingly digital age.

Rdio New Music Weekly - featuring Icona Pop (by rdio)

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Red Cross “Parcel”

We are very pleased to share this new spot we made with blacklist.tv “Parcel” for Red Cross New Zealand. Holbrooks Directing Duo, Tom Brown and Daniel Gray, collaborated across continents, with Dan working in Budapest and Tom heading up a team in New York. Illustrators Marika Cowen and Angelica Alzona helped us to create these great styleframes, the majority of the elements also making it into the final spot. 

In the spot, the camera follows a Red Cross aid package as it transitions through different situations of crisis and delivers relief to people in need.

"We wanted to take the material and create a real roller-coaster of imagery and emotion," commented Holbrooks Director, Daniel Gray. "We wanted to show how Red Cross is brave and committed in their quest to helping those in need.”

Holbrooks created a sophisticated look in response to the agency’s brief. The monochromatic tone throughout the film helps convey its serious message while a neutral backdrop makes the Red Cross emblem pop.

"Everyone working on the project was of the same mind for the direction," said Holbrooks Director Tom Brown, who oversaw the NYC animation team. "The design is closest to the true Holbrooks personal style.”

The team employed a mix of cel animation and 3D camera work to balance handcrafted warmth with dynamic storytelling. Holbrooks took advantage of being located in both New York City and Budapest to maximize production days, working around the clock with the New Zealand client to manage the compressed production schedule.

Music and sound design by Antfood supports the narrative — a journey from a serious and dark place to a resolution that is more hopeful.

The spot is currently running in New Zealand as part of the Red Cross Annual Appeal.

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Access to Sport

Here is Holbrooks latest, we finished it a while ago but have been waiting for the Obama’s to watch it in the White house before we put it online…

Aimed at spreading the word of http://designedtomove.org and getting the whole world moving again.

Here are some initial Styleframes and character designs for the film: 

And Production stills….

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Our new Directors photo…. not at all Photoshopped.

Our new Directors photo…. not at all Photoshopped.

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Hairy Holbrooks

Hairy Holbrooks

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Home made pickled eggs. Pub style.

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Check out this guys stuff


First time they’ve been on the web in one place.

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Teeth teaser


I forgot to put up this teaser here for our new short. It should be finished for the start of January. Enjoy!

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Wales Animation


Remember little old t.o.m? He is soon going to be exhibiting himself at The Museum of Wales as part of an exhibition on the history of Welsh Animation, along with some of his awards, and of course, many other animations made in Wales. 

The Wales Animation exhibition will open in the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea on October 13, and in National Museum Cardiff on October 27. In the meantime, there’s a taster here www.museumwales.ac.uk/en/walesanimation/

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